​​Laura has helped my son get his life back.  Laura was the light at the end of the tunnel for our son Kevin.  She has given him the guidance and reflection he needed.  My son was incapable of beating his addiction and has been battling it for years.  He was in and out of drug rehabs and survived two overdoses.  Laura helped him set the foundation for his road to recovery.  She helped Kevin see that with some hard work and the right tools he could achieve whatever he put his mind to and that his life meant something.  Laura is so dedicated to helping others.  She even took the time to sit with Kevin's siblings to help them better understand addiction and the disease concept.  They were able to start their own healing process and mend their relationships. Laura has been so devoted in helping Kevin achieve his goals.  Kevin is 14 months sober. He still sees Laura weekly and gets stronger every day.  Laura has been a true blessing in our lives.

Geri M

My name is Joe, I'm a recovering Heroin addict from Long Island.  I've known Laura since I was 17 years old. I first met her early in my addiction when I first decided to seek help.  I'm currently 25 years old which means I've known Laura for 8 years. Through all my ups and downs Laura never left my side.  She not only comforted me but demonstrated the same compassion towards my family members who obviously were haunted by my behavior. Laura is loving, kind, and empathetic.  She has a gift I believe she was blessed with to help addicts and family's alike.  She is connected with so many resources and works incredibly hard to ensure that her clients are comfortable and inspired to recover from this terrible disease.  She's unlike any therapist I've ever had, she's very honest and straight to the point but harbors the comfort of a mother figure.  I trust Laura with my life and I owe a lot of my happiness and triumphs in life to her.  She's a beautiful soul that is saving so many lives and I will forever be grateful for her never ending strives to help as many people as she can.


I've known Laura for about three years.  She truly is one of my favorite people ever.  She has gone above and beyond for me in all aspects of my addiction.  I've had so many different drug counselors throughout my life and I can honestly say that Laura is by far the best one!!  I value and respect her options and advice that she gives me.  She has been the only person who could actually convince me to go to treatment and see that there was a better way to live.  She is truly an amazing person and I'm so blessed to have her love and support always.  I just completed a treatment program in Arizona and I never thought I could be so happy sober.  Thank you, love you Laura.

Billy G

The Love between a mother and her son.  My love and compassion has always been there for my son, it's an unspoken language between us, mother & son.  There is a fine line that I have to walk, between enabling and just loving him, the addict, my son, it's never easy.  I have often said at Laura's meetings, I mourn for my son who is still living.  I didn't ask to be the mother of an addict, nor did my son want to be a addict.  By attending Laura's meetings I have learned to "detach with love."  By listening to everyone else's story and situation...I realize we all share a common bond, our kids.  I feel that there are truly no right or wrong answers, I'm just doing the best that I can, one day at a time.  We as parents, me being a mom, I have to do what I can live with.  From the support of Laura's meetings, I have grown much strength...and I know in order to survive I must take care of myself.  If I am strong, I'm able to help my son Rob to the best of my ability without enabling.  I know when it's Gods will, and Rob is ready for recovery, Laura will be there ready, willing and able, with her hand out to help him.  I know you Laura have always made yourself available for Rob in trying to guide him in the right direction.  Your a blessing & God bless you always.

Serenity Prayer
God grant me the serenity, except the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. 

Robin P

Laura has helped my son Michael in many ways.  She has helped him accept and understand his addiction and how it affected all aspects of his life.  She was also very helpful in teaching him respect and self reliance.  My family and I feel so lucky that she came into our lives.  She is definitely Michael's guardian angel.  I cannot express my sincere gratitude to Laura for helping my son along his journey. Laura has made herself available to my son and others any day of the week and any time.  During my sons addiction, Michael was dealing with his parents who were going through a divorce along with his brother who was going through a depression due to a brain tumor that he was diagnosed with.  Laura met with my son on a weekly basis.  Within two weeks, of him meeting with her, our lives have both changed.  I had my son back.  My son is now clean off of heroin for over a year thanks to Laura.  My son works full time, has his own car, his own apartment and a checking and savings account.  He has come a long way. I'm very proud of him. I want to thank Laura for all of her hard work and dedication. She continues to support and guide my son.  I don't know where my family would be without her.  I see other families she has helped and am amazed by all the love and kindness she shows to the addicts and their families.

Karen H

Dying To Live Foundation
P.O Box 854
Wading River , NY 11792

I've known Laura for four years. I have had over a dozen counselors in the past and the only one I have felt comfortable with is her. She goes above and beyond to help me with anything I need from her.  I've called her many times to talk about random things and she has always been there to talk.  I consider her not only a counselor, but a friend.  She has never given up on me and I am so grateful.  Today, I am 14 months sober and I couldn't have done it without Laura's help.

Kevin M

I met Laura while my daughter Holly was in a Florida rehab.  Unfortunately Holly never got to meet her, but as Laura reminds me, she feels she knows Holly anyway.  After losing my daughter to addiction I struggled terribly with Faith.  Laura is always there for me to help me understand and bring me closer to believing that Holly is ok, out of pain, at peace and with me always.  She is my constant supporter in making sure I keep Holly's Memory alive and that her leaving this earth will not be in vain.  She still keeps in touch with me, still asks how Holly's siblings are doing and genuinely cares for my family.   I wish so much Holly could have met Laura, because  they would have hit it off immediately and Holly would have loved and trusted her.  Trust...big word with this disease.  Someone you can trust....and that is Laura. 

Leslie C

My husband and I went to our first parent meeting 2 years ago.  Laura welcomed us and was very supportive.  We were very nervous about sharing our experience with our son and wasn’t sure how this would help.  Meeting Laura was the best thing that ever happened to our family.  She has helped our son conquer this horrible disease.  She reached out and set up a place for him in an intensive outpatient program.  Once our son was willing he was on his way to Arizona with the help of Laura.  She is always there when you need her or when you just need someone to talk to.  The kids she helped over the years know they can always reach out to her, and they do.  She is our angel on earth.

Joe & Donna O

Words simply cannot express the gratitude I feel when I think about what Laura and the Dying to Live Foundation has done for me and my family.  Laura guided us through each and every one of my son Ryan’s struggles and successes with support, encouragement and even financial assistance. From May 2017 when I first discovered that Ryan was an addict until March 2018 when he passed away, Laura offered support with everything.  She arranged getting Ryan into a safe and reputable rehabilitation facility in Arizona as well as helped transition him into sober living when the time came.  Ryan loved and trusted Laura like a mother figure.  While he was living in Arizona, she continued to conduct phone counseling sessions with him as well as meet with me when I was at the end of my rope and didn’t know where to turn.  She educated me on addiction, so I can better understand Ryan’s struggle and exactly what the disease of addiction had done to him both physically and mentally.  I appreciated that Laura never sugar-coated the uphill battle it was going to be, but always gave me hope that better days would come.   Although better days did come for Ryan, it was too late and on March 31, 2018 Ryan passed away peacefully in his sleep at his sober home in AZ.  Although my heart was completely shattered, I was so proud when I received Ryan's toxicology report back to find out he was completely clean of all drugs when he passed away, however, the damage was already done.  His autopsy revealed that we ultimately lost him to complications as a result of his previous drug use which weakened his heart...so Ryan had won the battle but lost the war.  When Laura heard the news, she was absolutely devastated and made it her life's mission to get Ryan back home to us as quickly as possible and as always, she accomplished just that.  Laura spoke some of the most beautiful words about Ryan at his memorial service which was unforgettable.  She continues to check-up on both my husband and I to be sure that we are doing okay and gives me practical advice when I'm struggling to understand.  I am a better person for knowing Laura.  She has truly touched our lives in so many ways and for that I will be forever grateful. 

Kristen S

When I met Laura summer of 2015 I told her that my son was at the end stage of this insidious disease of addiction. At 26 he had already spent half his life in and out treatment, jails, overdoses, accidents etc. The day Laura came to meet him he had me cancel but she came anyway, waited over an hour till he agreed to meet her and within minutes a life changing relationship began. He was a challenge but she kept on encouraging him to seek a better life. Today thru Laura's counseling and perseverance he has his longest clean time in 10 years!  Accomplished under an extremely stressful circumstance. Best of all he has hope for a future. There are no words to adequately thank Laura for her continued support. In my heart I know she saved his life and will I always love her for that.

Karen G

I believe that everything in life happens for a reason, that there are lessons we need to take away from every situation, good or bad, that God has us in the palm of his hands and he will lead us where we need to go.  Because of these beliefs I found myself sitting at a meeting for Parents of Addicted children/family members two years ago.  Uncomfortable and feeling as if I wanted to bolt out the door, I stayed and told my son’s story through my tears.  Laura asked me to stay after the meeting to talk to her about my son.  That was a Wednesday night in September.  My son met and talked with Laura that Saturday and on Sunday was on a plane to Arizona for treatment.  That was the beginning of changes for my son, my family and I.  Laura knew intuitively the treatment he needed, she fought for him to get it and even provided him counseling on the phone from NY.  Unfortunately, he did not take the opportunity seriously and fell apart, but Laura never wavered in what she knew needed to be done, she had him sent to Texas to a faith based program where he has been for the past 9 months.  He is clean of every substance, he is happy, healthy but mostly he is humble and grateful.  He loves Laura, though he hated her on the day she told him he was going to Texas, she told him “I will do whatever it takes to keep you alive, even if you hate me, I don’t care”.   There are not enough words to express the gratitude my son, my family, and I feel for Laura and what she has done for all of us.  It is her life’s mission to help every person that asks for her help, she does not take that lightly I assure you.  I do believe in angels here on earth and I do know that it was divine intervention that sent me to her.   Without her dedication and unrelenting determination to provide help I would not have my son back in my life, clean, sober, and grateful for all she has and continues to do for him.  Laura will always be in our hearts and souls and we are forever grateful and blessed to know her.  She is an angel on earth, her dedication, compassion, and empathy for these souls is inspiring and encapsulates her life’s mission.

Diane B

The Dying To Live Foundation